CERT Safety Reflective Vest Sale

CERT 30th Anniversary National Conference & CERT Safety Reflective Vest Sale


CERT, also known as Community Emergency Response Team, is a program that educates volunteers in disaster preparedness for hazards that may impact their area and trains them in basic disaster response skills, such as fire safety, light search and rescue, team organization, disaster medical operations, and basic first aid.

In September 2016, CERT held their 30th anniversary national conference in Southern California and we got to be among the vendors.

CERT 30th Anniversary conference
CERT 30th Anniversary conference

Thirty years is cause for celebration. Hundreds of people from across the country (and some international folks) attended the celebration and gained valuable knowledge they could take back and teach to their communities to become better prepared.

This is the face behind CERT. His name is Frank Borden. We had the pleasure of meeting this rockstar.

Frank W Borden | Photo credit to CERT Conference
Frank W Borden | Photo credit: CERT Conference

Frank is a humble, kind man with over 36 years of service with the Los Angeles City Fire Department and a list of accomplishments and awards a mile long. Frank… you are awesome. (Learn more about Frank here.)

With much appreciation for volunteers that give back to communities across the world, The Vest Guy offers EXCLUSIVE sales on CERT reflective safety gear. (Translation: CERT codes are ONLY valid on CERT gear. Anyone who tries to use CERT discounts for other products and will end up with cancelled orders.)

The Vest Guy offers CERT reflective products from basic/minimal frills up to pockets and features galore.

Basic CERT Vest with zipper
Basic CERT Vest with zipper

Basic CERT vest has reflective striping, adjustable sides, 2 D rings, and sewn on name tags. Bare bones and cost effective.

CERT Vest with Pockets 001

The CERT Vest 001 is a basic 2 pocket vest, slip pockets behind each pocket, upper and lower reflective striping, and customized removable name tags on velcro.

Yes, you read that right…… CUSTOMIZED name tags. Choose from a variety of colors and you can even use your logo.

CERT Vest with customized name tags

If you are working within a smaller budget and like the ease of carrying a few items and keeping your hands free, the CERT reflective radio chest pack is another option.

CERT Reflective Radio Chest Pack
CERT Reflective Radio Chest Pack

The CERT Commander Reflective Vest has a few more bells and whistles than the CERT 001.

CERT Commander Reflective Vest
CERT Commander Reflective Vest

The CERT Medic Vest is the Cadillac of vests with pockets galore. (To learn more about the CERT Medic Reflective Vest, read an in-depth review here.)

CERT Medic Vest
CERT Medic Vest

The High Visibility CERT ANSI II Vest features 2 radio pockets, clear ID window, and 360 degree 2″ reflective.

High Visibility CERT ANSI II Vest
High Visibility CERT ANSI II Vest

The Vest Guy CERT Sale

These vests have dual adjustable sides that expand up to 8 inches on each side. Adjustable sides means you can use the same vest year round (even when you’re wearing bulkier clothing in cold months) or multiple people of varying sizes can share vests.

If you are CERT, use code CERT2017 to save 20% on all CERT items at TheVestGuy.com. (Anyone trying to use CERT discounts for non-cert products will have their order canceled!) Like all our products, every thing is made to order and can be 100% customized. If there is something specific you are looking for, visit us at TheVestGuy.com or call us at (801)725-0076.


The Vest Guy CERT Medic Vest Review | Jackson



Today we’ll review the CERT Vest by TheVestGuy.com. The CERT medic vest was designed by real flight medics then modified to traditional CERT colors. (To see the original {not quite as reflective} medic vest, go here.)

CERT Medic Vest


Pretty fancy, right? 😉

Flight medics came to us looking for a solution for their flight crew. Although life flight is essentially a mobile ICU unit, there are times when the crew would prefer having access to supplies in the field without being confined to carrying a bulky bag.

See the front and rear name tags that currently read CERT? Well those bad boys can read Flight Crew, Flight Nurse, AirMed, Flight Medic, CERT, or whatever you want. From the name tag, down to the color, material type, pocket style and placement etc, you can design this vest to meet your specific needs.

For review purposes let’s stick with the features in the pictures.

CERT Medic Vest2


CERT Medic Vest Features:

  • Front and back name tags can be sewn on or on velcro (standard feature!)
  • Dual adjustable sides that expand up to 8″ on each side
  • Front and back reflective striping
  • Heavy duty YKK zip closure
  • Radio pocket with elastic/snap closure
  • Dual upper elastic loops near the shoulder
  • Clear ID sleeve for displaying identification badge
  • 2 D rings for clipping keys, flashlight, etc
  • Pen/marker holder
  • 3 medium size velcro closure pockets
  • 2 oversized zip pouches that fully open (Each pouch has elastic loops for securing medications, syringes, etc)
  • Hidden zipper pocket inside each lower zip pouch
  • Oversized back pocket with zip closure for storing larger items such as a tablet, computer, or clipboard
  • A large selection of sizes to choose from



This vest features ample room for carrying essentials (shears, tape, gauze, bandages, medications, maps, charts, radio, etc.) plus room for tons more. The best part…… you have ALL your gear and your hands are free to tend to more important things.

This product can hold it’s own but if you’re looking for unbiased feedback, see what customer Jackson says about the CERT Medic Vest:

“Quality CERT vest. If you need a vest with POCKETS, consider this one. Often, in various CERT drills, found a backpack was cumbersome to wear especially in buildings with narrow door ways. Able to fit my PPEs (personal protective equipment) and various supplies in this vest, essentially “wearing my backpack”.

Starting from the top, the shoulder strap provides a good attachment point for items with clips. The elastic pen holders along the front of the shoulders can be used for larger sized pens/markers plus noticed items with a clip can also be attached here. For example, was able to attach a second radio or flashlight (L-shaped) on the shoulder.  

Next, the upper right pocket is versatile with the CERT tag, ID card holder and split pocket. The split pocket was a good size to put a smart phone (e.g. iPhone 6) and multi-tool (e.g. Leatherman) in it.

Next, the upper left pen/marker pockets are handy, plus the small radio pocket with elastic cord can fit a FRS radio or small HT ham radio in it. The adjustable elastic cord was good to change length for a shorter ham radio or taller ham radio with extended battery pack. You have to “dig” behind the pocket to find the ends of the elastic cord and tie a knot to the length that you want. Also, the D-rings are handy to hang items from (e.g. emergency whistle).

Next, the middle utility pockets are good for various supplies.

Next, the lower pockets are big and roomy for different types of supplies. Was able to fit items for a small triage/first aid kit in a pocket. Plus, there are additional inside pockets to fit procedure cards or other documentation.

Next, the pockets inside the vest (optional) are nice to hold supplies or documentation. Was able to fit the CERT FOG (field operations guide) in this pocket.

Finally, the back pocket is large enough for a clipboard or small tablet PC. If you have to be a scribe, a flat clipboard with CERT forms would fit in the back pocket. Or whatever else you want to put in there. In addition, the front zipper is easy to use, preferring it to buckles or velcro I have seen on other vests.

Note: If you get the padded shoulder option, the top of the vest may be somewhat stiff restricting arm movement a little. Also, if you get the belt loop option, it will be 4 belt loops attached to the bottom of the vest, which can be used to cinch down the lower part of the vest or just used to attach additional supplies to the vest.

Overall, a nice vest to store all your PPEs, radio and much of your CERT supplies and to have them easily accessible when needed.”


As Jackson knows, the vest is built like a tank and allows you to “wear” your backpack. Admittedly our products are more expensive than pre-made imported vests. We aren’t in business to compete with cheap disposable products; rather, we pride ourselves on manufacturing quality products designed to last a lifetime. With our products, you get EXACTLY what you want, a quicker turnaround time, no quantity requirements, and the comfort of knowing if something happens, it’s covered by a lifetime workmanship warranty.

All of our products are made to order and can be 100% customized. From safety vests and photography vests, to armbands and radio chest packs, we do it all. Browse our products at TheVestGuy.com . If there is something specific you are looking for, give us a call at (801)725-0076.



CERT Vests in Fiji

The Vest Guy has been in business for a solid 25 years. TWENTY FIVE YEARS! That’s a LONG time and yet every time we receive pictures from customers putting our gear to use, we can’t help but smile like we did during our first year in business. It’s one thing to make a product, but to SEE the difference using our products makes, it feels good.

Vests in Action by VFR VERT Rescue in Fiji
Vests in Action by VFR VERT Rescue in Fiji

Before we start it’s important to first acknowledge The FIJI Volunteer Emergency Response Team. These folks are incredibly talented and do amazing work. These efforts do not go unnoticed. Thank you for your service. If you don’t already follow them on social media, go follow them now! You can find their facebook page here, their twitter account here.

Above is the VFR VERT Rescue Team in Fiji. They opted for some of the popular CERT reflective vests (CERT 001 and the modified CERT Commander Pocket Vest) in forest green material with individualized velcro name tags. The forest green vest with yellow reflective striping is popular amongst the CERT community, especially since the reflective striping makes them visible in lower light situations.

Ya notice how the Fiji Rescue Team maximizes the versatility of the elastic straps on the shoulders to hold their radios? Boom baby!

The velcro name tags are standard on this vest so changing it from saying CERT to First Responder and Rescue is simple. Need an extra set of tags? No problem! Since they come standard on velcro, you can mix and match tags and swap them out in seconds. They’re also available al la carte so you can order additional sets down the road.

These vests have dual adjustable sides that expand up to 8 inches on each sides. Having adjustable sides means you can use the same vest year round (even when you’re wearing bulkier clothing in colder months) or multiple people of varying sizes can share vests.

Like all our products, every thing is made to order and can be 100% customizable. If there is something specific you are looking for, visit us at TheVestGuy.com or call us at (801)725-0076.