CERT Vests in Fiji

The Vest Guy has been in business for a solid 25 years. TWENTY FIVE YEARS! That’s a LONG time and yet every time we receive pictures from customers putting our gear to use, we can’t help but smile like we did during our first year in business. It’s one thing to make a product, but to SEE the difference using our products makes, it feels good.

Vests in Action by VFR VERT Rescue in Fiji
Vests in Action by VFR VERT Rescue in Fiji

Before we start it’s important to first acknowledge The FIJI Volunteer Emergency Response Team. These folks are incredibly talented and do amazing work. These efforts do not go unnoticed. Thank you for your service. If you don’t already follow them on social media, go follow them now! You can find their facebook page here, their twitter account here.

Above is the VFR VERT Rescue Team in Fiji. They opted for some of the popular CERT reflective vests (CERT 001 and the modified CERT Commander Pocket Vest) in forest green material with individualized velcro name tags. The forest green vest with yellow reflective striping is popular amongst the CERT community, especially since the reflective striping makes them visible in lower light situations.

Ya notice how the Fiji Rescue Team maximizes the versatility of the elastic straps on the shoulders to hold their radios? Boom baby!

The velcro name tags are standard on this vest so changing it from saying CERT to First Responder and Rescue is simple. Need an extra set of tags? No problem! Since they come standard on velcro, you can mix and match tags and swap them out in seconds. They’re also available al la carte so you can order additional sets down the road.

These vests have dual adjustable sides that expand up to 8 inches on each sides. Having adjustable sides means you can use the same vest year round (even when you’re wearing bulkier clothing in colder months) or multiple people of varying sizes can share vests.

Like all our products, every thing is made to order and can be 100% customizable. If there is something specific you are looking for, visit us at TheVestGuy.com or call us at (801)725-0076.


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