Mirrorless Photo Vest for Micro 4/3 Cameras

 Mirrorless Camera Photo Vest – Travel Camera Vest for Micro 4/3 Cameras

As a photographer I’m always interested in finding quality tools and products that make photographer’s work easier. I recently invested in a mirrorless camera and quickly realized how difficult it was to find a quality photography vest for mirrorless camera gear. Fellow photographers expressed the same concern and we decided to do something about it.

The Vest Guy has been manufacturing products since 1990. We make vests for police, military, EMS, photography, and safety reflective in addition to making chest packs, armbands, bags, and more. As a professional wildlife photographer, I frequently travel with photography gear (including a giant Canon 400mm 2.8 II lens) and gear is in every pocket in my photo vest.

Introducing the only mirrorless photography vest on the market today specifically designed for Mirrorless Camera Photographers.

The Mirrorless Camera 4/3 Photo Vest was designed with the input of photographers who have been using mirrorless cameras for a long time, who have traveled the world and dealt with the struggles of attempting to make a vest work. Prior to the Mirrorless Camera 4/3 Vest, mirrorless camera shooters were forced to deal with the frustrations of using the only compact vest available; a fishing vest hybrid marketed to photographers yet truly only practical for fishing. While the fishing vests may have worked in the 70s – 90s during the film camera era, they are not conducive in the digital age when multiple camera bodies and lens are involved.

The Mirrorless 4/3 Camera Photo Vest offers multiple pockets to carry your gear and keep it ready to use within seconds.

The mirrorless camera vest has the perfect size cargo pockets with dividers for storing your mirrorless lens. The adjustable camera shoulder strap keeps your camera close and ready to shoot within seconds. Use the front and back velcro name tags to market your name, business, logo, or advertise your website. Keep essential smaller items like batteries, keys, memory cards, and chapstick organized in the upper slip pockets.

The two upper zipper pockets hold lens caps, cleaning cloths, cell phone, a small note pad, and sunscreen. The camera vest features adjustable straps to expand or cinch in to accommodate year round attire. D-rings can be used for carrying a flashlight, bug repellent, a pen, or a hydration pack mouthpiece. When the vest is not being worn, the carrying handle makes transporting your gear effortless. 

Standard features for the Mirrorless Camera 4/3 Photo Vest include:

– Heavy Duty YKK zipper
– One camera strap
– Two lower cargo pockets that each measure (in inches) 8.5 x 6.5 x 2.5 and contain inner and outer zipper pockets
– Each cargo pocket has two interior cargo pocket dividers (a total of 4 dividers)
– Two slip pockets
– Two upper zipper pockets
– 6 exterior D-rings
– Convenient carry handle
– Hydration Sleeve that accommodates most 2-3 liter hydration bladders BLADDERS SOLD SEPARATELY!
– Dual adjustable sides that expand up to 8 inches on each side (a TheVestGuy.com exclusive)!
– Quality product manufactured in the USA
– Lifetime Workmanship Warranty
– Available in a variety of material colors, types, and sizes INCLUDING big and tall

Optional Upgrades Include: padded shoulders, front and back name tags (to personalize with your name, company name, logo, or website), hydration bladder, additional camera strap, and inside zipper pockets. 

The Vest Guy prides themselves on manufacturing American made, quality products built to last a lifetime. With their products, you get a custom product exactly how you want it, a fast turnaround time, no minimum requirements, and peace of mind knowing if something happens, your investment is covered by a lifetime workmanship warranty. With 27 years of vest manufacturing experience and a decade of in-field photography experience, they know quality and durability.

For more info, visit TheVestGuy.com or call (801)725-0076.

Alaskan and Serengeti Photography Vest Review | Casey & Karen

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Meet Casey and Karen.

They are an adorable couple who love photography and traveling. They enjoy traveling so much they invested in a huge trailer because if you’re going to travel, ya might as well do it right…. Comfortably and with the ones you love.

Speaking of the ones you love, they also love their sweet dog, Polly. Isn’t she BEAUTIFUL?!?!

Photo taken by Casey Balvert
Photo taken by Casey Balvert

So Casey ordered himself the Alaskan Photo Vest from TheVestGuy.com. Casey knew what he wanted…. The Alaskan Photo Vest kicked up a few notches with some added bells and whistle.

Alaskan photo vest in olive
Alaskan photo vest in olive

Casey received his vest and fell in love. Here’s his review….

Casey 1.bmp

Casey: “Have had my Alaskan vest for a couple of months now. FINALLY a vest that actually holds a lot of stuff. Not only does this vest have a great big capacity but it is built like a tank with top quality hardware and the open mesh fabric is cool as well. I love this thing. I have room for two good sized lenses, batteries, light meter, color checker passport, cell phone, range finder, and tons of other equipment. The sides are adjustable. The velcro wraps for the straps are a nice touch. I added a Camelback Lumbar Reservoir to mine to make long hikes a pleasure. Worth every penny. Also the customer service is second to none.”

Casey 2.bmp

Casey: “I have been using my Alaskan Vest for almost six months now and I have found it indispensable. This thing actually holds a useful amount of stuff. A couple of lenses and an extra body is no problem. And bunches of pockets for the smaller stuff. Not only that but it is built like a tank with quality materials throughout; this vest will last a lifetime. Highly recommend this vest if you want to take a lot of equipment into the field. I will be getting a vest for my wife soon as she determines the amount of equipment she wants to carry.”

Shortly thereafter Casey DID contact us again, this time wanting a backpack (for him) and an additional camera vest for lovely Karen. (Men: If your woman loves photography and hates fumbling around with a camera backpack in the field, we HIGHLY recommend investing in a photo vest.)

The situation: Karen has a petite frame and Casey wanted something that she could wear to carry the maximum amount of gear (when needed) yet also have the versatility of a lighter weight vest for when she didn’t need lots of camera gear.

The solution: A modified Serengeti photo vest with buckles to attach a detachable pack as needed. Here is Karen using her camera vest in the field (without the pack).


Thank you, Casey and Karen. We love happy customers.

You truly get what you pay for. Admittedly our products are more expensive than pre-made vest made overseas, but you get EXACTLY what you want, a quicker turnaround time, no quantity requirements, and the comfort of knowing if something happens to your camera vest, it’s covered by a lifetime workmanship warranty.

As our satisfied customers know, all of our products are made to order and can be 100% customized. From safety vests and photography vests, to armbands and radio chest packs, we do it all. Browse our products at TheVestGuy.com. If there is something specific you are looking for, give us a call at (801)725-0076.