Mirrorless Photo Vest for Micro 4/3 Cameras

 Mirrorless Camera Photo Vest – Travel Camera Vest for Micro 4/3 Cameras

As a photographer I’m always interested in finding quality tools and products that make photographer’s work easier. I recently invested in a mirrorless camera and quickly realized how difficult it was to find a quality photography vest for mirrorless camera gear. Fellow photographers expressed the same concern and we decided to do something about it.

The Vest Guy has been manufacturing products since 1990. We make vests for police, military, EMS, photography, and safety reflective in addition to making chest packs, armbands, bags, and more. As a professional wildlife photographer, I frequently travel with photography gear (including a giant Canon 400mm 2.8 II lens) and gear is in every pocket in my photo vest.

Introducing the only mirrorless photography vest on the market today specifically designed for Mirrorless Camera Photographers.

The Mirrorless Camera 4/3 Photo Vest was designed with the input of photographers who have been using mirrorless cameras for a long time, who have traveled the world and dealt with the struggles of attempting to make a vest work. Prior to the Mirrorless Camera 4/3 Vest, mirrorless camera shooters were forced to deal with the frustrations of using the only compact vest available; a fishing vest hybrid marketed to photographers yet truly only practical for fishing. While the fishing vests may have worked in the 70s – 90s during the film camera era, they are not conducive in the digital age when multiple camera bodies and lens are involved.

The Mirrorless 4/3 Camera Photo Vest offers multiple pockets to carry your gear and keep it ready to use within seconds.

The mirrorless camera vest has the perfect size cargo pockets with dividers for storing your mirrorless lens. The adjustable camera shoulder strap keeps your camera close and ready to shoot within seconds. Use the front and back velcro name tags to market your name, business, logo, or advertise your website. Keep essential smaller items like batteries, keys, memory cards, and chapstick organized in the upper slip pockets.

The two upper zipper pockets hold lens caps, cleaning cloths, cell phone, a small note pad, and sunscreen. The camera vest features adjustable straps to expand or cinch in to accommodate year round attire. D-rings can be used for carrying a flashlight, bug repellent, a pen, or a hydration pack mouthpiece. When the vest is not being worn, the carrying handle makes transporting your gear effortless. 

Standard features for the Mirrorless Camera 4/3 Photo Vest include:

– Heavy Duty YKK zipper
– One camera strap
– Two lower cargo pockets that each measure (in inches) 8.5 x 6.5 x 2.5 and contain inner and outer zipper pockets
– Each cargo pocket has two interior cargo pocket dividers (a total of 4 dividers)
– Two slip pockets
– Two upper zipper pockets
– 6 exterior D-rings
– Convenient carry handle
– Hydration Sleeve that accommodates most 2-3 liter hydration bladders BLADDERS SOLD SEPARATELY!
– Dual adjustable sides that expand up to 8 inches on each side (a TheVestGuy.com exclusive)!
– Quality product manufactured in the USA
– Lifetime Workmanship Warranty
– Available in a variety of material colors, types, and sizes INCLUDING big and tall

Optional Upgrades Include: padded shoulders, front and back name tags (to personalize with your name, company name, logo, or website), hydration bladder, additional camera strap, and inside zipper pockets. 

The Vest Guy prides themselves on manufacturing American made, quality products built to last a lifetime. With their products, you get a custom product exactly how you want it, a fast turnaround time, no minimum requirements, and peace of mind knowing if something happens, your investment is covered by a lifetime workmanship warranty. With 27 years of vest manufacturing experience and a decade of in-field photography experience, they know quality and durability.

For more info, visit TheVestGuy.com or call (801)725-0076.

Promoting Your Photography Tours

Are you looking to add value of your photography tours and turn your clients into walking, talking billboards for your company?

If your business caters to photographers, a good way to add value to your clients is to provide them something they will use and share with people they come into contact with. Photographers are always in the market for tools that make photography easier.

Camera support bean bags are an inexpensive way to add value to your photography clients and spread brand awareness. Just image how much happier your photography clients will be during your safari because you gave them a tool that makes photography easier, especially when they’re photographing from a safari vehicle.

Camera support bean bags can be customized to match your company color scheme and can include your company name and/or logo.

Before clients return home, offer them a discounted price on your branded camera support bean bags that they have used and love. Now every time they use the camera bean bag, other photographers (who are your potential clients) will see your brand and website information and ask your client questions about your company. Not only have you increased your brand awareness, the past client shares their experience (giving a testimonial) and promotes their positive experience with your company.

The American made bean bag camera supports are available in 3 different sizes and are great for wildlife, landscape, sport/event photography. They are also backed by a lifetime workmanship warranty. To order, head over to TheVestGuy.com.

Cold Weather Gear for Photographers

Buffalo Wool Company

I dislike being cold. Hate is a strong word that I don’t use very often but it’s fitting to say I HATE being cold.

Being a wildlife photographer has many perks but being outdoors in sub-zero environments isn’t one of them. Sometimes wildlife photography requires being out in the field when most people would prefer snuggling up next to the fire with a hot cup of coffee.

A few months back I met Rob and Theresa who own The Buffalo Wool Company. The manufacturer products made out of bison fur. Not only are they cool folks, they are incredibly knowledgeable about bison and how to make quality products. I shared my frustration about freezing when photographing wildlife in the winter. They offered some suggestions.

Yellowstone National Park, January 2017
Yellowstone National Park, January 2017

I ended up ordering a pair of the Bison/Merino fingerless gloves, the bison beanie, the flip mitts, trekker boot socks, crew socks, and the insoles.

Buffalo Wool Co

The order arrived extremely fast. Here are the goods.

I was eager to put them up to the test. I did a trial run during a photography tour to the Grand Teton National Park in Jackson, Wyoming. It was -24 degrees and snowing. My hands staying really warm. When wearing the flip mitts I make the mistake of not getting all my fingers in the mitten when switching from flipped open to flipped close. It didn’t take long to realize why my pinky finger was going numb.

When I returned home to Salt Lake City I wore the gloves and beanie during a walk in the snowstorm.

My head stayed warm
My head stayed warm

My head and hands were still warm. Nothing beats some good gloves, socks, boot insoles, and a beanie that keep me toasty.

I HIGHLY recommend The Buffalo Wool Company. Make an investment in quality American Made products. Their gloves are backed by their satisfaction guarantee that’s as straight forward as it gets… “Satisfaction Guaranteed: NO FINE PRINT,  If you don’t truly love them, send them back.” They are priced slightly higher than the cheap imported stuff you’ll find elsewhere but definitely worth the investment. When you buy from companies that are Made in America.

As an added bonus for a limited time, my friends at The Buffalo Wool Co are giving my friends a special savings. From now through 2/28/17 use coupon code robsfriend to receive 10% off your order.

Exclusive Buffalo Wool Company coupon
Exclusive Buffalo Wool Company coupon


Let’s talk about boots, baby!

For years any time I am out shooting in the field, my feet FREEZE! It’s one thing when my hands and face are cold but once my feet get cold, it’s all down hill from there. Unless I am photographing something incredibly awesome, the cold feet quickly ends my desire to keep shooting. I took my “What are your favorite boots?” question to facebook and received lots of recommendations.

Meet my new favorite boots.

Cabela's Men's Zoned Comfort Trac Boots. Photo credit: Cabelas.com
Cabela’s Men’s Zoned Comfort Trac Boots. Photo credit: Cabelas.com

These are Cabela’s Mens Zoned Comfort Rubber Boots. You read that right, rubber boots. Who knew? Judging by the response I received on facebook, apparently some of you knew rubber boots may be the way to go. At first I was incredibly hesitant about rubber muck boots. My experience with rubber boots is that they’re great for working in mud but I was looking for boots that I would hike in while in the field. After hearing my concerns, the shoe sales person at Cabela’s suggested I try them on to see if they field like past rubber boots I’ve owned. I tried them on and I was sold.

These boots have 2,000 grams of thinsulate in the toebox, 1,600 grams in the saddles, and 1,200 in the heels. They’re a bit on the heavy side (6 pounds) but it’s a small trade off in comparison to how warm they keep my feet.

The boots are Cabela’s brand which means they come with a lifetime warranty. If ANYTHING goes wrong or I somehow wear them out, they are replaced for free. (Seriously folks, who doesn’t like products that are fully backed by the manufacturer?)


Cold Weather Killing Your Camera Battery?

If you are a photographer or know someone who is, and you (they) photograph in cold temperatures, keep reading! I assure you will thank me later as this will quickly become a necessity.

See this pouch?

Camera Battery Cold Weather Pouch by TheVestGuy.com
Camera Battery Cold Weather Pouch by TheVestGuy.com

Whether you shoot Canon, Nikon, Sony, Pentax, or another brand camera, this is no ORDINARY pouch. During a recent trip to the Tetons, it was FREEZING…… as in -24*F. Brrr! All was well until I pulled out my camera gear and put the batteries to work against the cold weather.

Epic fail!

If you have ever photographed in cold weather, you know the feeling of seeing your battery charge literally deteriorate quickly due to freezing temperatures.


Photography gear, camera batteries especially, are no match for cold temperatures. You can insert a fully charged battery and within an hour it is completely dead. Keeping batteries in a warm climate was the solution, but how? Frustrated, The Vest Guy created the ultimate solution.

Meet the Camera Battery Cold Weather Pouch.

Camera Battery Cold Weather Pouch by TheVestGuy.com
Camera Battery Cold Weather Pouch by TheVestGuy.com

The camera battery cold weather pouch is the ULTIMATE SOLUTION to keeping your camera batteries charged longer!

The photography camera cold weather pouch features a mesh pocket to house an activated hand warmer. The hand warmer keeps batteries nice and toasty, making for a happier photographer and a higher chance of getting the images you are in the field to photograph. Depending on the warmers you use, batteries can be kept warm for 8-10 hours. When you remove one of the batteries, the built-in webbing dividers keep the remaining batteries secure.

Camera Battery Cold Weather Pouch by TheVestGuy.com
Camera Battery Cold Weather Pouch by TheVestGuy.com

Available in two sizes:

– Medium: for smaller batteries like Canon 7D2, 5D3 (shown above)

– Large: for bulkier batteries like 1DX, ID-IV (shown below)

The camera battery pouch carrier comes in a large selection of color choices. The products are Made in the USA. Have specialized batteries? No problem! Items can be fully customized to meet your needs. The bonus…  The Vest Guy products, items are backed by a lifetime workmanship warranty.

To snag your camera battery cold weather pouch or to browse other Vest Guy items, head over here.

See, I told ya you’d thank me. 🙂




Camera Support Bean Bags by The Vest Guy

Camera Support Bean Bag

Hate lugging around a tripod? You are not alone! Not only are tripods cumbersome, if you photograph wildlife by the time you get the tripod set up, you may have missed the action and the shot is gone.

Camera Support Bean Bag over railing
Camera Support Bean Bag over railing

The camera support bean bag by The Vest Guy provides effective camera lens support system designed to provide a soft and flexible yet sturdy camera support for wildlife, landscape, sport, and event photography. The non-slip material on the top supports multiple lens sizes up to 800mm. The camera bean bag has a U-shaped notch on the bottom, also with non-slip material, so it can be placed on flat or uneven surfaces like a car window/door, truck, hood, fence posts, rocks, benches, tree branch, stumps, railing or even placed on the ground when shooting at ground level. The camera support bean bag also comes in handy where tripods are prohibited such as boats, museums, churches, galleries, etc.

The camera bean bag arrives unfilled unless you select the filled bean bag option. It is light and compact, making it travel friendly. The bean bag can be filled with dry beans, rice, bird seed, sunflower seeds or buckwheat hulls. Personally we prefer buckwheat hulls since they’re light weight. We took unfilled camera bean bags on our Africa Photography Tour; threw it in the suitcase unfilled, filled it with maze (dried corn) purchased at the Tanzania market, then donated the maze to some locals the day before we returned home.

Great for photographing birds from the car
Great for photographing birds from the car

Camera support beanbags are available in 3 sizes and a variety of colors.

  • SIZES: Small (5x9x9)  /  Large (9x9x9)  /  Extra Large (9x9x12)
  • COLORS: black, coyote, tan, ACU – Acupat, Digi Desert, OD – olive drab, A-TACS, A-TACS FG, Woodland Camo, Red, Orange, Royal Blue, Navy Blue, Yellow, Burgundy, Gray, forest green, florescent green, ACU Camo, Crye Multi-Cam, True Timber Mixed Pine, DWR True Timber HTC, and Pink Camo (see color options here).

The camera lens beanbag features a heavy duty velcro closure to ensure that your filling stays in the bag while still allowing you to add to whatever filling you use if it breaks down over time. The camera bean bag straps make carrying the bag convenient.

The camera support bean bag by The Vest Guy is made in the USA and backed by a LIFETIME workmanship warranty.

Camera Bean Bag in Timber
Camera Bean Bag in Timber

For a LIMITED TIME, save 30% on camera beanbag supports with coupon code BEANBAG30. Order yours here.